With a proven track record and up to the minute experience in this rapidly evolving space, our services include:


We offer a wide range of nutrition expertise that uniquely blends science, legal and communications counsel. Some of our services include:

Scientific and policy review/reporting  

Food Health Check – how healthy is your product, menu, label, communications and environment ?

Nutrition and well-being strategy

NPD counsel

Educational/health resource development

Marketing content


Recipe analysis


Landscape analysis – what is the nutrition and health environment that you are operating in? What you need to know


Quantitative and qualitative research

Round tables

Stakeholder mapping


Communications and Engagement

We specialise in influencer communications – resonating internally or with those influencing your targets in food nutrition and health both on and offline.

We also provide issues management and crisis preparedness to help protect reputations.

EDUCATION - Events and Training

Our company’s heritage is in events and training for all stakeholders in food and health, where our insights reveal that we have developed a reputation for delivering credible, accessible and impactful programmes.  From programme development to complete event management and marketing, we work to curate and mastermind meaningful programmes with impact.

We enjoy running

– Timely high profile important policy action summits such as www.childhoodobesitysummit.co.uk and www.thesugarreductionsummit.co.uk  with our event partner Smooth events. 

– Online in-house tailor made training for all sectors – webinars on hot topics in food and health designed to meet the needs of your target audience or up-skill your teams

– Online webinars supporting health professionals https://nutrilicious.co.uk/nutriwebinar/ 

Whatever training and education we undertake we aim for excellence and impact measuring our impact thoroughly.

If you are interested in training and support on a nutrition and health issue or you have a suggestion for an event, or a NutriWebinar or you would simply like to consider speaking or sponsoring one please do get in touch for a chat with Tanya



Content creation on and offline from infographics, leaflets, fact sheets, film, books, toolkits, sampling kits and more.

All tailor made, to engage your target audiences.

Our Network of Nutrition and Health Influencers

You can benefit from our Nutrilicious network of nutrition and health influencers:

  • They can provide best in class advice and insights directly to you.
  • You can share your compelling story with them. The Nutrilicious network is highly engaged and influential and recognises our ability to deliver credible, accessible and topical messaging.

Results Driven

We like to pride ourselves on delivering great results:

  • Our reporting on and offline allows for analysis of campaigns in real time so that changes can be made throughout campaigns to ensure you get the best ROI possible.
  • We are relentless in our focus on the agreed brief to ensure optimum ROI and to minimise duplication that can arise.

What can we do for you?

The only way to find out is to get in touch >> For an exploratory chat give us a call – we look forward to hearing from you.


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