What is MyNutriWeb?

MyNutriWeb is a comprehensive platform that can connect your organisation or brand with over 24.5k healthcare and food professionals in the UK and ROI. It provides access to a wide array of insights, educational resources, including webinars, symposiums, roundtables, journal clubs, and blogs, all facilitated by renowned global experts.

MyNutriWebs Mission

Our mission is to bridge the gap between the latest scientific research and its practical implementation, supporting all health professionals to routinely include nutrition and lifestyle support in first line treatment and all food professionals to put healthy sustainable nutrition at the heart of food provision. Making MyNutriWeb a purpose-driven organisation passionate about creating a healthier, more sustainable world through better food, nutrition, and lifestyle.

Why partner with Us?

By collaborating with MyNutriWeb, you support our goal of placing healthy, sustainable nutrition at the forefront of healthcare and food provision and ensure your message or brand reaches over 24.5k influential individuals. This partnership positions your services or brand directly within your desired market, harnessing the power of our community. 

The power of our audience to influence consumers

Every year, the MyNutriWeb community reach consumers with specific health messages through 1:1 consultations, social and traditional media, government health campaigns and by influencing retail environments

Join our mission

We partner with like-minded non-commercial and commercial organisations who have the same vision and ambition as MyNutriWeb.
Together we can create and deliver much-needed professional training for key influential audiences. Which will ultimately help us to go on and deliver our mission of improving the health of people and our planet.

24.5K Active community members

175+ expert contributors

No. 1 go to provider for professional learning on nutrition*

150+ recorded events available


75+ professional nutrition Resources

2 industry leading courses

*88% of the MyNutriWeb Community say that MyNutriWeb is their No 1 go to provider for professional learning on nutrition

We partner with leading UK health and nutrition organisations

Accredited and proudly working with

We have a number of case studies, contact us to find out more

Join us at MyNutriWeb to drive impactful change together


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