My story is simple. I am passionate about food, health, planet and business. I understand how to communicate science in context. I offer the art of dietetics and communications with a keen business sense to all my partners and clients and together we create food strategies that are ultimately good for health planet and businesses too.



DIETITIAN – Founder – Director

Tanya specialises in public health nutrition and communications offering almost 20 years’ experience in the nutrition and health arena.


Tanya is first and fore mostly a dietitian and nutritionist specialised in public health nutrition and latterly communications. During her 20 year career she has advised organisations, influencers and the public on food and health initiatives, guidelines, polices and systems needed to support healthier and more sustainable food choices. Working with partners and stakeholders Tanya is personally involved in all Nutrilicious work, forever forcasting and keeping a keen eye on the bigger picture, where projects and campaigns have reached thousands of stakeholders and millions of consumers. Many initiatives have harnessed the power of health influencer communications on food choices and in such a way that Nutrilicious has created a new and niche PR sector category.

Tanya co-founded the first ever National Nutrition and Health Conference for all stakeholders in the 1990s running at ExCel and Olympia conference centres London for over a decade with the support of leading academics, professional bodies, NGOs, retailers and  the food and drink industry. She went on to set up Nutrilicious to formalise and expand on the support work being given to many organisations during this time. At Nutrilicious Tanya continues to enjoy curating and overseeing numerous hot topic events on and offline.

Being a keen storyteller she is interviewed regularly in the media and continues to write articles and blogs as often as possible. She has authored a number of books for health professionals and consumers. She has been a regular Dietitian expert on BBC Breakfast, an adviser and presenter on the BBCs Truth about Food series and on BBC’s Rip off Britain. Continuing to act as a spokesperson for the British Dietetic Association over many years, she has also sat on several expert committees and speaks at many events sharing her experiences and views on nutrition and communication issues.

Tanya has a specialist interest in sustainable nutritious diets and fixing broken food systems. It was the reason why she became a dietitian. Having won the cook of all Ireland at the age of 15, where the all Ireland final involved cooking healthy dishes and having read widely on food health and the environment at the time ( a largely unheard/unspoken topic then), she choose to study nutrition and dietetics as her foundation to helping the public eat better and well for health and planet.



Mostly cooking and eating with family and friends, snoozing or walking across the beautiful Heath with anyone willing to join in!


Family, friends and tea!


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