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Wednesday 14TH November


Grab a cuppa and tune in to gain the latest science evidence and practice on SUSTAINABLE DIETS
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This NutriWebinar has been endorsed for CPD by the BDA.
Certificates of attendance, copies of slides along with Q&As will be provided to all attendees once they have viewed the webinar.

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Marking the launch of the new BDA Sustainable Diets Toolkit Nov 2018

The environmental impact and sustainability of our food choices is not only making the headlines but it is being applied to government and international dietary recommendations. As health professionals, expert in providing dietary advice, we need to be up to speed with the latest evidence and practical applications ensuring that a shift towards more sustainable food choices is synonymous with healthful eating that will improve the health of the nation. This webinar will provide an overview of the scientific evidence supporting sustainable diets, bring clarity to the myriad of sustainable terminologies and most importantly give you the confidence to apply the learnings into your day to day practice.

Could this FREE one hour CPD NutriWebinar on Sustainable Diets be for you?

Grab a cuppa and listen to the webinar.


Have a clear understanding of:
  • The impact our food choices have on the planet and security of adequate supply of nutrient rich foods for the future generations.
  • How the environmental impact of our food system is measured.
  • International and national bodies monitoring and setting targets for a sustainable food system for all.
  • The complexity and uncertainty of the science.
  • The compatibility between sustainable and healthy diets.
  • The nutritional consequences of adopting a more sustainable diet.
  • What the science means in terms of meaningful dietary messages for consumers.
  • The BDA’s stance and leadership on sustainable eating.
  • Where to easily and quickly source credible information on all matters relating to sustainable eating.
Be able to:
  • Better evaluate, understand and apply research data focusing on sustainable diets.
  • Access the BDA’s suite of scientific and practical resources on sustainable diets.
  • Confidently apply sustainable healthy eating messages in your day to day practice.
  • Be part of the solution for a healthy and sustainable future.


Thomas Embury: Introducing the BDA’s environmentally sustainable diets policy and newly launched toolkit which includes a fully referenced evaluation of the scientific evidence on sustainable diets and the impact on nutritional quality and a selection of practical ‘how to’ resources to use when advising consumers.

Clare Pettinger: Bringing the science to life. Clare will provide us with an overview of the scientific evidence and meaning of sustainable diets, help us have a better understanding of the different ways sustainability can be measured and presented, bring clarity to the commonly used terminologies and what they mean in food terms, how the UK government has incorporated sustainability within the latest dietary guidelines and what the BDA believes a sustainable and healthy diet could look like.

Lynne Garton:  Presenting the wealth of evidence to help overcome any concerns about the nutritional quality of eating more sustainably.  Removing the misconception that sustainable eating means adoption of a vegetarian or vegan diet. Provide practical and realistic solutions to every day food choices to accommodate the needs and behaviours of all the nation.

Expert Speakers:

Tom Embury

BDA’s Public Affairs Officer
Tom is the BDA’s Public Affairs Officer, a role encompassing stakeholder relations, campaigns and policy development. He coordinated the 2017 update to the BDA’s Sustainable Diets Policy, and is now co-coordinating the development of the BDA’s Sustainable Diets toolkit.

Clare Pettinger

Dr Clare Pettinger is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Nutritionist (Public Health) and experienced academic at the University of Plymouth. Her research engagement includes food poverty, social justice and the ‘future of food’ with particular focus on ‘sustainability for nutrition professionals’. She is an inspiring and informed educator, frequently acting as advocate for her professions, offering expert consultancy on sustainability and food related issues to the media and local/regional/(inter)national networks. Clare believes strongly that new approaches are required to tackle current local (and global) food related health and social wellbeing challenges.

Clare led an interactive sustainability workshop at the International Congress of Dietetics in Sept 2016, and is currently in the working group who created the BDA Sustainable Diets policy (and toolkit). Clare is an active member of the local Food Plymouth partnership and Sustainable Food Cities network. She is on the editorial committee for the ‘Urban Food

Lynne Garton

BSc (Hons), RD

Lynne is a qualified Dietitian with around 30 years’ experience in food, diet and health. After qualifying from King’s College, London, Lynne worked both in the NHS and industry, before starting her own nutrition consultancy. She is active in the media and has been involved in several TV programmes, contributed to national newspapers and provided nutritional input into various books. Lynne is also Editor of Complete Nutrition magazine and as a result of her interest in the growing body of evidence supporting the benefits of plant-based eating, she has co-authored two books on the subject and been involved in the development of the BDA’s sustainable diets toolkit.

Webinar Host and Moderator

Tanya Haffner, Dietitian & Director, Nutrilicious.


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