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Calorie Reduction is a key nutrition and health strategy for all involved in food provision and public health. But how should we be tackling this? What has been achieved? What has yet to be done and how? What are the challenges and solutions? The response of retail and food suppliers? The impact on prices? What about individual responsibility?

Organised by NutriWebinar in association with The Calorie Reduction Summit, this webinar takes place ahead of The Calorie Reduction Summit; Science, Policy and Industry.

This NutriWebinar brings together a fantastic panel of experts to give you a flavour of the problems, challenges and potential solutions around calorie reduction that will be discussed at the calorie reduction summit in London on the 26th June 2018.


Contributing to a healthier USA (& UK J)…in a delicious way!

Anita Jone-Mueller, PPH, President, Healthy Dining

Energy density and portion size as causes and cures of excessive eating

Professor Peter Rogers, Professor of Biological Psychology, University of Bristol

Calories in the context of suggested serving sizes: an obstacle to fighting obesity?

Sara Petersson, Senior Analyst – Food and Nutrition, Euromonitor International


Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH

Healthy Dining

Anita Jones-Mueller, MPH, is president of Healthy Dining. She is a USA-based public health nutrition expert and a market innovator, thought leader and strategist in the healthy eating landscape. Healthy Dining’s signature website,, helps consumers find healthier choices and nutrition information at restaurants. Anita’s team of registered dietitians provides hundreds of restaurant brands with nutrient analysis, menu labeling compliance, gluten and allergen identification and healthier preparation methods. Through it all, the core expertise Anita and her team provide includes the strategy and foundation to help restaurants transition in this nutrition focused era without compromising on taste – or brand positioning.

Prof Peter Rogers

Professor of Biological Psychology
University of Bristol

Peter Rogers is Professor of Biological Psychology at the University of Bristol, UK. He trained in biological sciences and experimental psychology at the University of Sussex UK. He completed his PhD and postdoctoral work at the University of Leeds UK, moving to the Institute of Food Research, Reading UK in 1990. He moved to the University of Bristol UK in 1999, where he teaches biological psychology and does research on nutrition and behavior: which includes work on human appetite and weight control, food choice, dietary effects on mood and cognitive function, and the psychopharmacology of caffeine. He is a Chartered Psychologist, a Fellow of the British Psychological Society, and a Registered Nutritionist.

Sara Petersson

Senior Analyst – Food and Nutrition
Euromonitor International

Sara is responsible for producing insightful analyses and improving the research behind Euromonitor International’s Passport Nutrition. Sara has focused much of her recent work on the industry’s most notable trends such as sugar consumption and content in packaged food and drink covering everything from fiscal policies to nutritional guidelines.

Sara continues to demonstrate thought leadership, presenting at industry events and conferences, both nationally and internationally. Most recently Sara has spoken at the 2017 Sugar Reduction Summit and Food Matters Live in London. Sara has also contributed to numerous radio and TV shows, becoming an authoritative voice on the subject of the fast-changing regulatory landscape and the resulting implications on the industry and consumer.

Sara completed her Master’s degree in Nutrition at King’s College London, where she focused her research on the relationship of the Mediterranean Diet with cognitive function and dementia. Her current academic work is centred on the association of diet and rheumatoid arthritis.

Webinar Host and Moderator

Tanya Haffner, Dietitian & Director, Nutrilicious.

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NutriWebinar has applied for BDA CED and AfN and INDI CPD endorsement. Certificates of attendance, copies of slides along with Q&As will be provided to all attendees once they have viewed the webinar.

What attendees will gain from the calorie reduction NutriWebinar:

  • Learn about US-based research, funded through National Institutes of Health (NIH),that evaluated consumer acceptance of “stealth” modifications of restaurant recipes to reduce calories, fat and/or sodium.
  • Gain an understanding of how this stealth approach can improve public health and provide financial benefits to restaurants.
  • Discover how this approach can be integrated with other public health improvement strategies for greater impact.
  • Learn that overeating is not strongly resisted by our biology, but neither is undereating.
  • Appreciate that energy dense foods encourage overeating because, calorie-for-calorie, they have low satiating power, and relatedly they are highly palatable.
  • Discover that choosing foods of low to moderate energy density and smaller portions maximises eating pleasure (enjoyment) per calorie.
  • Learn about the research behind Euromonitor’s Passport Nutrition, including how serving size data is collected.
  • Understand the discrepancies in serving sizes for similar products, and how these may differ dependent on categories.
  • Begin to understand ways in which serving sizes may not always serve their purpose, and thereby have an indirect negative effect on health.
This webinar is open to professionals working in the field of nutrition and health and related communications.
Afn CED and BDA CPD endorsement has been applied for.


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This webinar has been kindly sponsored with thanks by an educational grant from The Calorie Reducation Summit

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