I am passionate about food and health. I deeply understand science, and more importantly science in context. Anyone can talk science but few can deliver it simply and in the context of all that we currently know on that topic. Thats what I love doing. I combine it with regulatory, PR and commercial expertise to support strategies and projects that drive healthier more sustainable food choices.

Elphee Medici

NUTRITION & Sustainable Diets Communications Consultant

An exceptionally skilled dietitian with over 30 years experience.


A highly skilled and passionate dietitian with over 30 years’ experience including 10 years in the NHS. Before going freelance, Elphee worked as the in-house dietitian for various FMCGs including Alpro, Unilever & Yoplait -successfully executing healthcare and consumer wellness programmes – ensuring the science was never misinterpreted. Her core expertise includes critiquing scientific research and interpreting findings into practical implications and meaningful public health messaging. She has produced various evidence-based scientific and consumer publications on health issues such as bone health, vitamin D, soya isoflavones, plant-based diets, child health and heart health including the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan©.

Elphee is most recently proud to:

Have worked with the BDA working group on sustainable diets developing the recently launched One Blue Dot® project providing a scientific review of the evidence for sustainable diets and the nutritional implications for the UK public.
Be one of the originators of the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan© (UCLP©) alongside HEART UK and 6 other leading experts. She is also leading on the latest scientific review and update of the UCLP© released at the end of 2019.


Often relaxing with a glass of wine at home.




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