Familial Hypercholesterolaemia Webinar

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17th October 2018


Grab a cuppa and tune in to gain the latest science evidence and practice on FH.
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Familial Hypercholesterolaemia
What ALL HEART HEALTH DIET & LIFESTYLE advisors need to be aware of

Are you providing diet and lifestyle advice to those concerned about heart health?
Could they have FH?
Are you up to speed with the latest dietary advice for FH?
Do you know how it differs from standard heart health dietary advice?

When surveyed recently by HEART UK, 32% of health professionals in lipid clinics felt that dietetic support was only fair or poor and only 9% rated it as excellent. In clinics with no dietetic support or in clinics referring to general practice services, patients may receive advice from dietitians who lack the experience specialist knowledge and support network required to treat the severe and complex cases of dyslipidaemias.

Could this FREE one hour CPD NutriWebinar on FH diet and lifestyle be for you?

In association with HEART UK, The Cholesterol Charity @heartukcharity


  • Prevalence of FH as a % of overall heart / CV disease in the UK – impacting on all advisors seeing heart health patients
  • The current drive to increase the diagnosis of FH in the UK
  • HEART UK resources for HCPs and patients/families
  • NICE other national /European guidelines on FH specifically
  • What FH means – causes – warning signs, diagnosis and treatments
  • Why FH carries increased CVD risk and understand the increased risk compared to those with just elevated lipids without FH
  • How dietary advice for FH differs from standard heart health advice
  • How much a non-specialist HCP can undertake and when they need to refer onto a lipid / FH specialist
  • Who and how to refer on for most specialist advice
Be able to:
  • Check and interpret relevant medical history e.g. biochemistry results, anthropometry, medication (esp. re drug and dietary interactions) etc.
  • Tailor dietary advice depending on above

Expert Speakers:

Linda Main and Baldeesh Rai
Join the authors of 4 steps to lower cholesterol in finding out the latest about FH.

Baldeesh Rai

(BSc Hons RD)

As dietetic advisor at HEART UK for over 15 yrs, Baldeesh supports the charity’s cholesterol helpline and leads initiatives to help identify and target at risk South Asian populations and empower them to make appropriate diet and lifestyle changes. She combines this with her work as a Senior Research Dietitian at Imperial College.

Linda Main


Linda is a freelance dietitian with experience of developing commercial partnerships with the food industry and producing resources and communications aimed at patients with lipid conditions.  Linda was a founder member of the Ultimate Cholesterol Lowering Plan initiative.

Webinar Host and Moderator

Tanya Haffner, Dietitian & Director, Nutrilicious.


HEART UK is the cholesterol charity dedicated to helping people manage cholesterol, including the genetic condition familial hypercholesterolemia.

October is National Cholesterol Month – a month devoted to raising awareness of the dangers of high cholesterol and raising funds for HEART UK.  The main event for the month is The Great Cholesterol Challenge; walk, run, cycle, row or even swim 100 miles in October, get fit, get sponsored and raise funds for HEART UK.

We hope to raise £50,000 from this year’s campaign – funds which will help us to continue our vital life-saving services such as our Helpline, our Campaigning and supporting anyone who has a cholesterol condition.

There are many other ways to get involved – check out our website or email Charlotte on ch@heartuk.org.uk to find out more.


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This webinar is being run in Association with HEART UK, The Cholesterol Charity.

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